PPR: Permission woes

Kenneth Tindle ktindle at uky.edu
Sun Sep 3 20:30:22 EDT 2006

I have a PPR 1.54 system running on Ubuntu Linux 6.06 Dapper Drake
server.  For the record, to get to this happy state, I had to add
setuid and gid permissions to /usr/lib/ppr/bin/ppr.  This was easy
to figure out, as you get a very clear error message, to be fair.
I'm just adding that both the ppop and ppr executables have installation

I would also note that ppr-passwd refused to create a fresh htpasswd
file on its own.  It does give a good error message, but I left this at
root.root after touch and had to later change it ppr.ppr after the web
interface failed to authenticate anyone.  So I wonder if there should
not be code in ppr-passwd to gracefully handle that first password

The service file for xinetd had no path to ppr-httpd.  Again, an easy
fix, but a little annoying.

 From the above, you might think I don't like PPR!  Nah, just little
things to touch up.  Things don't get fixed unless there is some kind
of feedback, so there it is.

It is so nice to have PPR in and CUPS out.


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