PPR: ppop is deranged!

Kenneth Tindle ktindle at uky.edu
Fri Sep 1 09:51:39 EDT 2006

David Chappell wrote:
> I have had a go at solving this.  I have been able to reproduce the 
> problem once.  It appears that ppop has the wrong permissions.  It 
> should be:
> -rws--s--x 1 ppr ppr 131712 2006-08-31 15:21 /usr/lib/ppr/bin/ppop
> I am still trying to figure out why it sometimes gets installed with the 
> wrong permissions.

So simple, yet so crippling.

I can confirm that my install went sideways and installed as -rwx--x--x.

I can only guess that some process is running that blocks the correct
permissions from being set, and this process has been sent a kill signal
earlier which takes a variable amount of time to execute.  I note ppop
is the only obvious affected thing, ppad always gets set correctly.

When I have a chance to take the server this is installed on down, I
will hook PPR back up again, and vanquish the godawful CUPS crap running

Long live PPR, little hiccups be darned!


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