PPR: ppop is deranged!

Kenneth Tindle ktindle at uky.edu
Sat Aug 19 12:06:28 EDT 2006

I have a problem with ppr 1.54, compiled from source on Ubuntu Linux
6.06 LTS server.  This means that gcc is at 4.0.3.

When ppop is run as root, it hangs.  A manual kill is needed to remove
the process.  It is not a true zombie, a normal kill will work,
kill -9 is not needed.  I say "hang", meaning there is nothing on
standard output (no messages.)

When ppop is run as a user listed in /etc/ppr/acl/ppop.allow, while
issuing any subcommand, you get "FATAL:[...]pprd is probably not
running."  pprd is in fact running, of course.

There is a communication failure between ppop and pprd that I cannot
solve- but I'll bet it is related to gcc 4.x.

Anybody have this and fixed it?

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