PPR: 64 bit?

David Chappell David.Chappell at trincoll.edu
Wed Sep 6 14:09:12 EDT 2006

Kenneth Tindle writes:
> Has anybody got PPR 1.54 running on x86_64?  This would mean compiled
> for the Athlon 64 with gcc 4.x.
> It seems this is not working.  Pointer problems and double frees.
I ran into this while trying to reproduce the problem with ppop's 
permissions.  It seems the big problem is in 
nonppr_misc/snprintf/snprintf.c.  There is a newer version in PPR 2.XX.  
I have ported this newer version back to 1.5X and the problems I was 
having have gone away.

I have commited this change to CVS.  When I have fixed the other bugs 
which you reported I will make a new release.

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